Aerial Skier Salem, OR

Why 110%? I believe in the same philosophy as the company, 110% Play Harder. We both give 110% when it comes to performance. I’m a very diverse athlete and expect only the best out of my gear. I need gear that performs 110% of the time, whether it is in training, competition or just during recovery. I’ve been with 110% Play Harder for 3 years and they continue to find new ways and new products to keep me performing at my absolute best!

Years in your sport? I was recruited by the Olympic Aerial Ski Development Team and started training at the Utah Olympic Park at the age of 12. My skiing began at age five racing downhill. I have been a runner and triathlete since age five, as well. I was doing my first 5K at age 5, 10K at age 8, ½ marathon at age 11 and marathon at age 13.

Hours a week you train? I train roughly 42 hours a week. It’s a full time job! I do a lot of cross training in addition to my aerial training. I’m a strong believer in cross training to stay injury-free and to develop strength and co-ordination to be the best possible athlete. I do a lot of extra core, running, swimming and biking.

Favorite workout? Kettlebell and circuit training

Favorite workout song/album? Every couple weeks I find a new “favorite” work out song that sticks in my head. I pretty much like anything new and pop. Currently it is Ariana Grande, “Problem”. 

The one thing you’re most proud of? In addition to being a competitive athlete, I’m able to maintain high academic performance at Stanford University Online High School. 

If you could go pro in any other sport, what’d it be? I hope to someday be both a summer and winter Olympian in aerial skiing, and/or running and triathlon)

Favorite way to spend a Sunday: Hanging out with family and friends

What’s in your fridge—right now? Lots of protein and vegetables! Quinoa, chicken breasts, hardboiled eggs and fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries)

Three things we’d find in your gym bag: Team Winter Headband, water bottle, lifting gloves

Random fact about you: I love climbing trees!

How do you play harder? I play harder by showing age, race and gender should not be barriers. I push the limits to show other young athletes what is possible not impossible. I love pushing the envelope of what is humanly possible, both mentally and physically. I like to show that the body is an amazing machine and its capabilities are endless if taken care of appropriately!