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@110PlayHarder 2 hours ago

On the drive from Austin to Dallas, we fell for the tourist trap. #CollinsStreetBakery #tourdetexas pic.twitter.com/5EPPeKfB3i

@110PlayHarder 5 hours ago

Recover Faster. #PlayHarder @mandywest16 explains #compression + ice. Questions? AskHarder. #tourdetexas pic.twitter.com/y83BplOeZM

@110PlayHarder 8 hours ago

Check this out...#recover immediately in the Overdrive post-run! 25% off for a couple more days online! (US only) pic.twitter.com/rxBjOHJzWj

@110PlayHarder 10 hours ago

Who started the day with a run? #Squeezeandfreeze @Lukes_Locker Austin. #tourdetexas pic.twitter.com/7JcR2MiNTV

@110PlayHarder 20 hours ago

Think It's Hot In #Austin? Get Used To 110 trib.it/1rjGnil via @TexasTribune >> We've arrived! #TourDeTexas

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