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@110PlayHarder 47 minutes ago

Who started the day with a run? #Squeezeandfreeze @Lukes_Locker Austin. #tourdetexas pic.twitter.com/7JcR2MiNTV

@110PlayHarder 10 hours ago

Think It's Hot In #Austin? Get Used To 110 trib.it/1rjGnil via @TexasTribune >> We've arrived! #TourDeTexas

@110PlayHarder 11 hours ago

Sox on, Legs up! “@AshKHenry: Recovery isn't recovery without these babies. #runharder #recoverharder @110PlayHarder pic.twitter.com/3wdfRZ2pVw

@110PlayHarder 13 hours ago

Beat the heat #Austin & run with us tomorrow @Lukes_Locker with @natashavdm #tourdetexas pic.twitter.com/LZHQ9vmwXP

@110PlayHarder 13 hours ago

Almost to #Austin! Find us & get some swag. #driveharder #tourdetexas pic.twitter.com/RX5m2xpRXi

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