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@110PlayHarder 3 hours ago

Planning your schedule for next week? Add a run with @natashavdm to the list @Lukes_Locker #Austin #TourDeTexas pic.twitter.com/lcILHpcQNI

@110PlayHarder 3 hours ago

@FleetFeetHkry we <3 @mandywest16 too! And we're hoping to swing by there very soon cuz y'all are the best!

@110PlayHarder 4 hours ago

@FleetFeetHkry well, happy #humpday!! p.s. i hope they're fresh. ;) you can never be sure what @mandywest16 will deliver.

@110PlayHarder 5 hours ago

Beat the heat this summer! Last week to save 25% off Overdrive kit bit.ly/1nE2pxT #WorkoutWednesday pic.twitter.com/LWZ78tuGaH

@110PlayHarder 9 hours ago

Battling an injury (or not)? Read about 110% Playmaker @ckgregory return from injury & be inspired bit.ly/UsAMLN via @Freeplay_Mag

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