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@110PlayHarder 1 hour ago

Where will your training take you today? #playharder pic.twitter.com/nN21nYcuUc

@110PlayHarder 1 hour ago

@FlameGoddessLee awesome!! Congratulations! Let's see some pics!

@110PlayHarder 1 hour ago

@FOMOCoach we're happy to have you & already proud! #110mvp

@110PlayHarder 1 hour ago

@DaveXpress yes you most definitely should! We can't wait for Monday! @corriekristick

@110PlayHarder 18 hours ago

Planning your schedule for next week? Add a run with @natashavdm to the list @Lukes_Locker #Austin #TourDeTexas pic.twitter.com/lcILHpcQNI

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