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@110PlayHarder 6 hours ago

Thanks for playing harder (& recovering) with us cfragnarok! #Pullups #DoubleUnders #Wallball #WODinstagram.com/p/nLcSW5Sab9/

@110PlayHarder 8 hours ago

@tawneeprazak @ReadEatWriteRun @FeltBicycles saaweeeeet!!

@110PlayHarder 8 hours ago

@ReadEatWriteRun @tawneeprazak we loving spoiling! #SpreadTheLove!

@110PlayHarder 9 hours ago

@ReadEatWriteRun @kavadog yes new apparel line launched at Boston! Will be available online soon! Stay tuned!

@110PlayHarder 9 hours ago

@kavadog looks good! How was the race?! #katalyst

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