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@110PlayHarder 10 hours ago

@m_w_jones @mandywest16 welcome to the family!! Now go out there & #playharder! #110MVP

@110PlayHarder 15 hours ago

Oh yah! #flexharder 💪 RT @Gabble_babble: Stuck on 110...and 110 is stuck on me :) #postpractice #stuckon110 pic.twitter.com/cbx7km1X4P

@110PlayHarder 16 hours ago

@runningsouthern That's great! Keep it up!!

@110PlayHarder 16 hours ago

@runningsouthern Whoo hoo!! That's awesome - how's the training going?

@110PlayHarder 19 hours ago

@runningsouthern training for anything??

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