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@110PlayHarder 2 hours ago

@ReadEatWriteRun @davidagreen oh yah! we'll be ready to #squeezeandfreeze him for sure!!

@110PlayHarder 2 hours ago

@ReadEatWriteRun only one of us is doing the full double though! Take a guess (cough cough, @davidagreen) ;)

@110PlayHarder 2 hours ago

No plans tomorrow morning? Join us @ the FINISH line of the #BostonMarathon @ 4:30am - We'll run to the start! #BostonDouble #BostonStronger

@110PlayHarder 3 hours ago

Who raced this weekend? Time to #recoverfaster. #playharder

@110PlayHarder 4 hours ago

Come on by, we'll ice you down! #bostonmarathon #compression #ice #recoverfaster #playharderinstagram.com/p/nBZ9PRSaSO/

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