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@110PlayHarder 1 hour ago

@ModelAyshaMirza the double life calf sleeve - available in pink online! Does that help? 110playharder.com/products

@110PlayHarder 2 hours ago

@corriekristick great to see you & thanks for the run!! We'll #playharder soon!

@110PlayHarder 5 hours ago

We have arrived in #TheWoodlands...Feeling a little underdressed in our clutch tights. #tourdetexas pic.twitter.com/ylEDnfB4y0

@110PlayHarder 6 hours ago

RT @SusanLacke: Fun Fact: #IMLP female winner @AmberTri is also a United States Snowshoe Champion. Cross training works, eh? >> totally!

@110PlayHarder 8 hours ago

Great start to the week with @corriekristick & @Lukes_Locker #FunRun! Next up...The Woodlands! #tourdetexas pic.twitter.com/kKYASyApfF

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