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@110PlayHarder 11 hours ago

@SayardMarcelena @TeamTaperRacing happiest runner around!! Well played. Congrats! #Playharder #SmileHarder ;)

@110PlayHarder 12 hours ago

#AskHarder RT @mikewardian In case you are interested...fb.me/3b1IxBjX5

@110PlayHarder 12 hours ago

Oh we believe it! Congrats @WinterVinecki @teamwinter on your @Ripleys appearance! #playharder #motivationmonday pic.twitter.com/oaeZoG8yg8

@110PlayHarder 12 hours ago

@BrandonHyden nope, we gotchu on file!! standby. let us know how your calf sleeves work out for you!

@110PlayHarder 12 hours ago

@BrandonHyden we'll get you one!! Stick it where you #playharder, snap a pic & post it with #stuckon110

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