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@110PlayHarder 8 hours ago

#RecoverHarder! MT @mandywest16: Thank you @HaddonRunCo for a fun night full of #running, #compression, and #BEER!!! pic.twitter.com/ZAGAWOD13c

@110PlayHarder 13 hours ago

We'll be tracking & cheering this #110MVP with @IMtrackr! RT @TriBarbee @IronmanTri this MVP is racing #IMLou! #402 #triharder

@110PlayHarder 14 hours ago

@TriBarbee @IronmanTri woot woot! We'll be tracking you!! Good luck, you'll do awesome! #futureironman #triharder

@110PlayHarder 15 hours ago

MT @runnersworld HUMOR: A "careless sock error" sent a man to ER early Tues AM: bit.ly/XAjWNm >> Beware, R=Right L=Left! #humpday

@110PlayHarder 16 hours ago

@SayardMarcelena @mandywest16 OH crikey!! What'd you decide?! P.S. You aren't alone...runnersworld.com/fun/sock-misha…

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