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@110PlayHarder 13 hours ago

Last stop on #tourdetexas! Awesome Thursday night lukeslocker #Plano. Watch out - #Texas is ready to… instagram.com/p/rIpiwTyaX5/

@110PlayHarder 15 hours ago

Last stop on #tourdetexas - @Lukes_Locker #Plano! Educating on #compression + social run at 6:30pm! #travel pic.twitter.com/lUgDDs2EMq

@110PlayHarder 18 hours ago

@MJRuttinger very nice! Good luck with training & Keep us posted!

@110PlayHarder 18 hours ago

@MJRuttinger Whoo wee! Glad you found us - can't wait to share the journey with you! What's your LR this week for @nycmarathon?! #playharder

@110PlayHarder 22 hours ago

Last chance to join us on #tourdetexas! We'll be @Lukes_Locker #Plano tonight @ 6:30. Demo 110% & we'll ice you down after! #recoverfaster

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