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@110PlayHarder 6 hours ago

@iRunFar Loving the updates! We feel like we're there! #tweetharder ;)

@110PlayHarder 6 hours ago

#CheerHarder RT @iRunFar Mike Wardian was just in front of Jez at 21k at bit ago, inside the top 20. #UTMB pic.twitter.com/6hpxYcqlec

@110PlayHarder 6 hours ago

@ckgregory @Rev_In_Fitness @CurtisCramblett GREAT photo!!

@110PlayHarder 10 hours ago

We spy @mikewardian #playharder RT @iRunFar: Many of the top runners are arriving at the TNF #UTMB start. pic.twitter.com/yPaVilT0KD

@110PlayHarder 11 hours ago

GOOD LUCK! #UTMB RT @mikewardian Good luck everyone racing this weekend. I am about to start @utmb with a bunch of others. Cool stuff.

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