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@110PlayHarder 5 hours ago

@MissZippy1 @IanAdamson @swiftwick @NewtonRunning love it! Looks like a great weekend - glad to be part of it! #healthyrunning

@110PlayHarder 15 hours ago

@vandyxctrack we need to get you all in some compression + ice to take on the road! Recover faster. #playharder

@110PlayHarder 15 hours ago

@samdefab @vandyxctrack @mandywest16 great pics! When's the first race?!

@110PlayHarder 17 hours ago

Healthy Running! Sign up for the next clinic: healthyrunning.org Falls Church, VA @NewtonRunning Thomas Test pic.twitter.com/yT3l0MHnF3

@110PlayHarder 22 hours ago

@LukeTyburski @mikewardian we hope you are having fun

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