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@110PlayHarder 2 hours ago

We've broken up, but it's a good thing - eepurl.com/6j3Gn #recoverfaster #playharder

@110PlayHarder 3 hours ago

@runlikeagrrl saweeeet! Get some pics & enter the contest! You could win!! #flatout4fall

@110PlayHarder 6 hours ago

Show us how you're going #flatout4fall & win big! bit.ly/1uE8H1N #trailrunning #fall #playharder pic.twitter.com/89iKdLALsA

@110PlayHarder 7 hours ago

@runnersworld @mikewardian Best question you've gotten so far?!

@110PlayHarder Yesterday

@SayardMarcelena @TeamTaperRacing happiest runner around!! Well played. Congrats! #Playharder #SmileHarder ;)

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