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@110PlayHarder 3 minutes ago

.@onelittlebecca we'll be there very soon! August 11 @runpacers with @mandywest16 & @mikewardian #RunDC - stay tuned for all the deets!

@110PlayHarder 1 hour ago

Two chances to run with us tomorrow @Lukes_Locker #FortWorth (am) & #Plano (pm) - join in on the fun! #tourdetexas pic.twitter.com/TrxIcbUpu6

@110PlayHarder 7 hours ago

Happy hump day! Recover faster #Dallas. #TrainwithLukes #tourdetexas pic.twitter.com/gtWfJds6fR

@110PlayHarder 9 hours ago

@CJWSportTherapy @SelfyDan @rossyd89 @CedricAnselin @The_Yachtsmen Forget that, get yourself some of these ow.ly/zJYvH

@110PlayHarder 9 hours ago

@DavoMcKeon @_mackhorton There is a better way to recover with Ice and compression combined -have a look at our gear. ow.ly/zJR2L

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