Why 110%

110% Play Harder offers a unique, mobile solution to the most commonly prescribed physical therapy treatment for recovery & rehabilitation: R.I.C.E

Smarter preparation

110% zoned, gradient compression prepares the body for optimal performance. Reduced swelling + increased circulation.

Better performance

Reduced fatigue + faster recovery + superior comfort = more out of each work out.

Active recovery

The powerful combination of compression and ice therapy delivers faster recovery between training sessions, improving performance and decreasing chance of injury.

Faster healing

Combining two therapies in one simple, mobile recovery tool, 110% Compression + Ice products are the easiest way to comply with R.I.C.E Therapy: Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate.

Made in North America

What is 110%?

110% universally means giving a greater effort than you may have thought possible, achieving more because of it and delivering the best of yourself.

110% is the passion to reach for a goal or dream that you didn’t think possible and reveling in the experience. It is authentic, aspirational and deeply personal.

110% reflects our attitude, our culture and our approach to everything we do. From the products that we create to the relationships that we build with customers and partners, we are all in.

We could have given 100% but we don’t believe in shortcuts.

We promise 110%.