Laura Kline

Laura Kline

Duathlete & Triathlete, Pennsylvania
AKA “Little Laura”

Favorite gear

Flat Out Sox Pink

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Laura Kline

Why 110%?

Top of the line compression gear AND the benefits of icing rolled into one awesome package! Recovery doesn’t get much better than this.

Years in your sport?

2014 will be year 11!

Hours a week you train?

Anywhere from 15 – 25+ hours depending on what event/distance I am training for

Favorite workout?

Long Trail Run

Favorite workout song/album?

I do not train with music

Athletic accomplishment you are most proud of?

Finding the strength and courage to start my life over 11 years ago.

If you could go pro in any other sport, what'd it be?


Favorite way to spend a Sunday:

Pancakes are a must! Then head out for a long ride followed by a run. Recovery time with my legs up on the couch in my 110% gear, watching some TV with my boyfriend.

What's in your fridge right now?

Full fruit and veggie drawers, tempeh, almond milk, coconut water, sunflower butter, jam, Bragg liquid aminos, Udo’s oil.

Three things we'd find in your gym bag:

Composition notebook, Vega Sport Energizer, 110% visor

Random fact about you:

I am obsessed with the number 5

How do you play harder?

By never wanting to quit or give up on myself. Satisfaction comes from constantly pushing my limits and not being afraid to try new things.