Double-life compression calf sleeves (red on black)

For performance
Increase endurance and performance with muscle stabilizing compression that reduces vibration and maximizes circulation.
For recovery
Quickly applying compression + Ice post workout improves circulation, accelerates muscle repair and decreases the inflammation that causes muscle soreness.
For rehab
360° pockets for icing make targeted compression + ice therapy easier and more accurate than ever.
Double-life compression calf sleeves (red on black)
Gel ICE PACKS INCLUDED: Reusable ICE/Freezer, HEAT/Microwave gel packs
Double-life compression calf sleeves (red on black) Double-life compression calf sleeves (red on black) Double-life compression calf sleeves (red on black) Double-life compression calf sleeves (red on black) Double-life compression calf sleeves (red on black) Double-life compression calf sleeves (red on black) Double-life compression calf sleeves (red on black) Double-life compression calf sleeves (red on black)

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Product Features

What makes these calf sleeves different?

Ideal for treating shins splints and calf pain, the double-Life calf sleeves provide muscle stability with a double layer of compression and pockets for applying ice directly to the shins and calves for maximum comfort, performance and recovery.

Double-life compression calf sleeves combine the benefits of compression and the power of an ice bath in a single piece of gear to make R.I.C.E. therapy easy.

The most commonly prescribed protocol for patients with lower leg injuries and pain is R.I.C.E. therapy. Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate.

The benefits of compression?

BEFORE: Improved circulation, prepares muscles
DURING: Muscle stabilization, reduces fatigue
AFTER: Increased circulation, speeds recovery

Technical Details

  • 20-25 mmHg of Compression
  • Gradient & Zoned Compression
  • Antimicrobial SilverTech Fabric
  • Superior moisture wicking
  • 360° 4-Way stretch
  • 70% polypropylene/30% spandex
  • Single seam construction for 360°Icing
  • Sold in pairs
  • Available in unisex sizes 1/2/3/4/5/6 (measure largest part of calf muscle unflexed)
  • Black with Red 110% UTR4000, Black with Pink 110% UTR4000P

Clinical Application

  • Shin Splints
  • Calf Strain/Muscle Tear
  • Compartment Syndrome
  • Achilles Tendonitis/Pain


  • A pair of Double-life Calf sleeves
  • 2 reusable ICE/HEAT gel packs

For performance

Increase endurance and performance with muscle stabilizing compression that reduces vibration and maximizes circulation.

For recovery

Quickly applying compression + Ice post workout improves circulation, accelerates muscle repair and decreases the inflammation that causes muscle soreness.

For rehab

360° pockets for icing make targeted compression + ice therapy easier and more accurate than ever.
  • Thankful
    Worth every penny
    As a college athlete, I had chronic shin pain and shin splints, including a few stress fractures. I had tried numerous different taping techniques, sneakers, stretching, strengthening, etc but still ended up in a walking boot to treat my shin pain every year. These have been a great addition to my treatment, greatly decreasing my pain, keeping me in the game, and greatly decreasing my time in the walking boot. I have had the same pair for 2 1/2 years and they are just starting to wear down. Amazing buy!
  • Margaret Munger
    These sleeves are perfect
    After four compartment release surgery for chronic exertional compartment syndrome, I wore the sleeve daily, and iced nightly. I was able to run a half marathon less than three months later, and a full marathon less than seven months later. Even the surgeon did not think this would be possible. The sleeves have held up to several useses and washings. I did not experience any skin irritation, which I did when trying another product. These sleeves are perfect post surgery, or injury, though I continue to use them on all my runs. I highly recommend this product.
  • Dario Fredrick
    No more cramping
    After multiple hours on the bike, I used to get twinges and soreness in my lower calves that even extended to my feet until I started using Double Life Shin/Calf Sleeves. Combined with my stretching, foam rolling, and self-massage, the Calf Sleeves add the final touch to my recovery. No more cramping and minimal soreness the next day. Very impressed with this product.
  • Michael Ricci
    The calf sleeves are awesome to wear if you just want to throw them on quick after a hard run and getting in the car to drive home. The ice and compression help a ton and the ease at which the calf sleeves go on is great. I love the knickers but when I'm short on time, I love to just throw on the calf sleeves and be on my way. I am 110% convinced that the compression and ice of 1105 Play Harder helps my recovery by 50%. I'm not sore after hard workouts and I calf injuries are a thing of the past.
  • Ryan Gilbertsen
    the best in every way
    I have dealt with shin pain/splints for years and hate running for that lone reason! I've tried nearly everything from stretches, lower leg exercises, shoes, also other brands and styles of lower leg compression sleeves. These are by far the best in every way. Comfort before, muscle isolation and compression during, and compression and icing after. Just simply amazing and the best! I will be buying more!
  • Nigel Manuel
    my calves feel great
    I just wanted to write a few lines about your calf guards which I received on my birthday (how did you know lol). I used them for the first time yesterday on an 18 mile cross country race recce. Think plowed farmers fields rather than hard packed single track! I wore the guards during the run and despite the rough ground I did notice the complete lack of calf movement. My calves and achilles felt better supported with no DOMS today to report in that area while my thighs are quite sore. I put the ice packs in for the journey home and I could feel them working straight away. Not too cold, and the cooling feeling lasted for a couple of hours - fantastic. Today my calves feel great and I'm looking forward to my club run tonight. In short, a great product - fantastic. Thank you very much.
  • Jonathan Dioli
    I wear them constantly
    The best ideas are the ones that you hear and say, 'That's so simple! Why didn't I think of that!'' That was my exact reaction when I heard about the revolution that is storming the world of high-performance compression wear. It's simply genius - combining compression that works great with an ice bath on-the-go. Wear the sleeves from the gun to the tape, then slide in the ice packs and immediately enter recovery mode. You will feel unbelievable the next day - trust me! I wear them constantly'no really, all the time. If you've never worn compression to the office, you've obviously never tried 110%. You too will never want to take them off. They blend perfectly under the khaki slacks and blue button down. Productivity at work + Recovering for your evening workout = multitasking at it's finest. These awesome products have honestly changed my life for the better - taking away the little persistent aches and pains of long training miles. I highly recommend them for anyone that's looking to perform at their best and recover even better.
  • Jamie Jarman
    Absouletly love these compression sleeves
    Absouletly love these compression sleeves. I can wear them while running, whether in training or in a race! After the run, I can easily put the ice inserts into the various sections of the sleeves to aid in my recovery process!
  • Jacob Higle-Ralbovsky #277
    The ice makes it a lot easier to 'ice bath'
    As a current collegiate runner, I can say that these things are amazing. They definitely help clear the junk out of your legs. The ice makes it a lot easier to 'ice bath', and the portable bag lets you take it on the go. I've definitely noticed an increased recovery after workouts, and races. There also great for long travel days, when your legs are suspect to cramp up or become sore.
  • Robert Schultz
    They are worth the investement
    Tight calf muscles are not fun and hard to relax at times. I tried everything and taping and just holding ice to my leg the night before a run was no working. I was at a local running shop and came across these. I didn't feel like spending that much money right away so I did some research. I liked what I read from reviews and such and decided to buy them. They have been one of the best purchases I have made,instantly I noticed a difference with my calf muscles. I wear them before and after workouts and always receive the benifits. The sleeves have just the right amount of compression to feel the effects but are not to tight. The ice stays in place and is not to cold on the skin but I can feel the ice working. Best product for recovery I have they go everywhere with me now,this with a roller stick does wonders. The insulating bag they come in work as well. I would definitively recommend these,I told my coach about them and he bought a pair and loved them. They are worth the investement.
  • Mark Plume
    a must have in your kit bag and freezer
    After being diagnosed with Shin Splints at the begining of the year, I though my triathlon season was over - however as part of the rehab and ensuring no flare ups I used my calf guards post long run with the ice packs and can say that after two halfs and one full ironman and all the training, these do what it says on the tin. These are great have recommended them to all my friends as their value for money is 2nd to none - a must have in your kit bag and freezer!!!!!
  • Graeme Purdy
    love them
    These are great, anyone with aching or injury prone calves will love them. So easy to sue, so effective' great for injury recovery, or prevention' love them
  • Lisa Dolbear
    I really love this product
    I really love this product'and here's why. I hate ice baths. And I hate icing. It's time-consuming to fill my tub with enough ice and water to properly sit and recover, and icing things out of the tub usually results in a drippy mess somewhere in my living room or office. This product enables you to easily ice your sore limbs without the drama of a full tub and/or a drippy mess. The pockets in the garments easily house the ice packs, and the ice packs are made from tiny 'pods' that can conform to the shape of whatever body part you're icing. The ice pods are easily stored in your freezer, and super easy to bring with you if you're traveling (they fit into a nice case that keeps them cold, too!). If you are looking for compression without ice, you can do it that way too'the sleeves work with or without ice packed into them. I'll admit it can be a little bit challenging to slide the ice pack into the sleeve once you have it on, and I'm always careful to not let the sharpish corners of the ice pack get caught in the fabric of the compression sleeves. I don't think it would tear'and it hasn't torn yet after dozens of wears this summer'but it is something to be mindful of. That's the only reason I didn't five-star the durability, because it seems like a tear could happen if you're rough with the way you put it on. Other than that, I have nothing but LOVE. Great innovation for the busy athlete that wants to ice without the drama.
  • Kevin Dalton
    terrific and highly useful product
    I bought these to use with the knickers because at the time the full length tights were not available. It turns out that the calf sleeves were worth getting. In addition to using them for recovery I have found them very useful in dealing with cramps. I have a lot of trouble with cramps in my calves. Wearing the calf sleeves during hard efforts helps to keep the cramps controlable. Using them hasn't stopped my leg cramps but has allowed me to continue my efforts after cramps have set in. Just a terrific and highly useful product.
  • Jonathan Douglas
    these sleeves may become your best friend
    If anyone is converting to natural/barefoot, mid-foot or forefoot running, you know that your calves undergo a pretty big transformation as they're asked to do more than before. If this applies to you, or if you regularly suffer from shin or calf pain, these sleeves may become your best friend. These are tough, well-built sleeves that have endured more than a year of abuse from me, and are still my go-to for shorter training runs, cross-training, and when I need to ice. As an added bonus, they serve as pretty good thermal gear (without the ice sheets, of course) for keeping muscles ready in cooler conditions. As a note, if you're looking to do long runs using calf compression, I might recommend the compression socks as a long-term solution, as they are more breathable, and the icing functionality may not be needed as much. I use both the sleeves and the socks, depending on my training routine for the day. Plus, as others have mentioned, the thermal bag that comes with the sleeves is awesome, and allows me to clip it to my gear and take the ice sheets with me to training sessions and races.
  • Stuart Wall
    they fit great and are extremely comfortable to wear
    110% Play Harder helped me overcome calf/shin pain on my long runs during marathon training and are my go to item for race day compression. The ability to use the shin/calf sleeves as performance compression and for post-workout ice recovery makes them doubly effective. On top of that, they fit great and are extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Ricki Bettencourt
    I bought the shin/calf sleeves to combat chronic calf strains and soreness. The sleeves were comfortable to run in and the ability to ice quickly and easily after running was a big help in my recovery.
  • Jack Ketch
    I am new to running and was having problems with shin splints. A friend recommended 110% calf sleeves and they have allowed me to keep running. I wear them while I run and as soon as I finish I slide in the ice sheets and instant relief . Starting to run is hard, 110% calf sleeves make finishing the best part of the workout.
  • Doug Sullivan
    The real important part is the ice packs
    L-O-V-E these calf sleeves!! Compression + ice = WIN!! The ice packs for mobile recovery are pure genius and the pockets are well placed and well designed.These are super comfortable and once you have them on you almost forget you are wearing them! I'm a Triathlete and train every day. Before I discovered 110PlayHarder gear I was fatigued all the time. Not anymore!! With 3 kids and a full time job, mobile recovery is key and these make that possible! The real important part is the ice packs. Compression is important, but having the ice directly on the muscle speeds recovery and feels SO good. I love wearing these after a hard training session'the ice is nice!! Do yourself a favor and go with 110 gear!
  • Matt Eicholtz
    Great product
    I just got back from soccer practice and still have my shin sleeves on. My legs will definitely be thanking me in the morning. Sometimes, I'll even use them to hold my shin guards in place. Great product for any athlete!
  • Lee Collier
    I am extremely happy with this product and do recommend it
    Dealing with shin pain is no fun. My shin had hurt pretty bad for about two weeks prior to buying the shin sleeves and I was just looking for a solution. I did a lot of research around sleeves and taping and settled on 110%'s offering. I decided to give the sleeves a chance and headed out for a run. I sluggishly trudged through 3.5 miles of Philadelphia's finest humidity but noticed very little difference in the amount of pain I experienced in my shin. The key difference I experience came after the run. I immediately felt a sense of relief with the ice pack on my shin. I realized at this point that I needed to not only allow my shin some rest before running again but I would not run without the sleeves. Two weeks of rest and I was ready for the road. I ran a five mile beach run with the sleeves and I felt amazing. No shin pain and no calf spasms. I wish this product was around when I was playing soccer. One of the truly unique aspects of this product is how much care goes in to the packaging. This is a company that not only cares about their product but insures you are able to use it in any circumstance. The packaging alone is a thermal bag that will keep your ice packets good to go for up to six hours. On top of that there is a caribiner that comes attached so you can clip the bag to a pack. I feel 110% have thought of everything. Something as simple as a caribiner may go unnoticed by some. Sure it helped in not only displaying the product at the store but is an added token of the care put in to the overall value of this product. There are four ice sheets in total, two large and two small. The sheets out of the bag need to be soaked in water in order to operate as specified. This process took no more than a couple minutes to accomplish. With a large pan of about one and a half inches of water I simply held the sheet beneath the surface until the pockets absorbed the water. The whole process is very interesting and intuitive. There was no mess and little fuss. Stick the sheets into a freezer and in an hour or so you are ready to go. Supposedly you can throw the sheets into the microwave for about 15 seconds and utilize them for heat therapy as well. I have yet to do that. As for now the refreshing addition of an 'ice bath' after running has been more than enough. The only reason I gave four stars for durability was due to some fray happening after only one month of use. The string pulled from the inner stitching where you would put the ice. I am slighlty nervous the stitched lip is going to completely unravel at this point as only one string holds the lip in place. I will deal with that when it actually happens. At this point I am extremely happy with this product and do recommend it.

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