For recovery
Quickly applying compression + Ice post workout improves circulation, accelerates muscle repair and decreases the inflammation that causes muscle soreness.
For rehab
360° pockets for icing make targeted compression + ice therapy easier and more accurate than ever.
Gel ICE PACKS INCLUDED: Reusable ICE/Freezer, HEAT/Microwave gel packs

Product Features

What makes these Knickers different?

Targeting the hips, glutes, lumbar, ITBand, quadriceps, hamstrings, knees, the Juggler Knickers are designed for maximum comfort, performance and recovery. With strategically placed icing pockets the Juggler Knickers transition from high performance compression gear to an active recovery system in one simple step.

The most commonly prescribed protocol for our patients with leg injuries and post-operative pain and swelling is RICE: Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate.

The benefits of compression?

BEFORE: Improved circulation, prepares muscles.
DURING: Muscle stabilization, reduces fatigue
AFTER: Increased circulation, speeds recovery

Technical Details

  • 15- 20 mmhg of Compression
  • Antimicrobial SilverTech Fabric
  • Superior moisture wicking
  • 360° 4-Way stretch
  • 75% Polypropylene / 25% Spandex
  • Minimal seam construction
  • Available in unisex sizes 1-7 (measure your waist just over belly button)
  • Available in black with Red XTR1000-RD & White logo XTR1000-WH

Clinical Application

  • Glute Pain
  • ITBand Syndrome
  • Strained/Pulled Hamstring or Quadriceps
  • Meniscus Tear
  • Tendonitis/Bursitis
  • Cartilage Damage
  • Post-operative pain


  • One pair of Juggler Knicker
  • 4 reusable ICE/HEAT gel packs

For recovery

Quickly applying compression + Ice post workout improves circulation, accelerates muscle repair and decreases the inflammation that causes muscle soreness.

For rehab

360° pockets for icing make targeted compression + ice therapy easier and more accurate than ever.

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  • Kevin McGinniss
    just right
    I recently purchased the knickers and have been using them religously after my rides/runs. The compression is just right and the added ice packs that stay on my body no matter what I do, watch TV, go to the store, walk the dog, etc. These are a great investment and should be part of your routine!
  • Peter Nelson
    great product
    The Juggler knicker is the most versatile performance wear piece I've encountered. I've trained and raced in them. I fold the knees up while running to get a little extra support on my quads/hamstrings tendon insertions then unfold them for immediate post-run compression and cold therapy. The high waist is great for low back support on long runs and the pockets provide bounce free storage for gels, phone, etc. Awesome product!
  • Ryan MacDonald
    the best way to improve your recovery
    As an endurance athlete, strength & conditioning coach and Exercise Science MSc grad, I highly value the benefits of a product that is intuitively simple and effective! The scientific evidence behind cryotherapy to speed recovery is unquestionable and 110%'s line is the best way to improve your recovery. I have recommended and will continue to recommend 110% to my friends, athletes and co-workers.
  • Steven Garfinkel
    This is my favorite thing to have on after a workout! amazed at the combination of compression with ice and the next day's ability to train. Each time I wear them I feel the difference the next day. They are very tight so pulling them up needs a little caution so there aren't any seam breaks
  • Jennifer Defendiefer
    These are perfect!
    Found your site while online trying to find alternatives to an ice bath (tried once, hence the reason to look for a less brutal alternative). These are perfect! I haven't yet worn them for running (weather is currently too warm), but they feel great to slip on after a long run. Icing is so convenient and my legs feel refreshed and recover well. They fit well and using them for the compression only (no ice) feels great, adding the ice feels AWESOME! Thanks for a great product!
  • Gary Netherland
    A must for my training and recovery programs
    As an ultrarunner, these knickers are very nice after my longer run sessions. I can easily ice my knees, quads and hamstrings while getting the compression benefit. I consider these a must for my training and recovery programs.
  • Brian Calkins
    Awesome product!
    What a fantastic product. Fits snug, but perfectly for compression. The ice fits easily into the pockets and provides the precise temperature for effective recovery, without the pain of taking an ice bath. Awesome product!
  • Rich Gauvin
    I highly recommend these
    I was first introduced to these by pro mountain biker, Allison Mann, after reading about them on her blog. I debated about buying them for close to 6 months, and then when I was at a marathon expo with my wife, I took the jump and bought a pair. All I can say is, 'what was I waiting for.' The compression system is ideal (neither too tight or too lose). I can wear them around the house without discomfort after a long or intense workout. The ice sleeves are a nice bonus, but I would buy these even if they didn't come with them. I highly recommend these for any athlete looking to recover quicker and with less sore muscles. These were definitely a lifesaver for the long car rides home after races, too!
  • Tim Perkin
    compression is amazing
    The Jugglers are my go-to recovery tool. I am a triathlete and primarily do long course races and I wear these several times a week after long rides and runs. The compression is amazing and the ice packs help take care of tender muscles.
  • Graeme Purdy
    great product
    The knickers are a great product, like most compression gear can take a little effort to get on but so comfy when on and so much more comfy than an ice bath. Your skin and muscles are left cold and feeling recovered but without anywhere near the discomfort. The ability to take ice to work and use during the day is great and ice cooling sleeves than come with the product really work keep the ice cold ready for when required. Great product
  • Kevin Dalton
    terrific product
    The knickers are a terrific product. This year at 24 Hours of Adrenalin I used them between laps. My legs recovered better and my lap times showed a significant improvement over the previous year. While not all of the credit goes to the knickers, the improvement in between lap recovery was definitley worth the money.
  • Elizabeth Kowalewski
    I absolutely love this product!
    I've had the knickers since June 2011, and could not train for marathons without them and the calf sleeves! I absolutely love this product! Before 110% came out with the full tights, I also purchased the calf sleeves, which really make a HUGE difference (otherwise, after really long runs, just having 3/4 compression really put a lot of pressure on my lower legs.) I only wear the knickers for recovery, and the reason I only provided 3 stars for durability is that several of the top seams have begun to unravel. However, I do run in the calf sleeves, which have held up much better.
  • greyson chappell
    I love the ice!
    Great post-race. I love the ice! Not a great fit on me. Pulls down (my legs too long'). Constantly pulling up. Great compression and results. My favorite post race esp. if driving home from race. I am going to try shorts and knee sleeves to solve fit problem.
  • Patrick LaMonica
    I recover now quickly
    I am a kickboxer and amateur mixed martial artist, when I'm training I get kicked in the legs all the time. I wear the juggler knickers under my fight shorts and use the bag to carry the ice. Even after a 2 hour session the ice is still very cold when I use it. I recover now quickly on days where I have double sessions. I loved these so much I bought the full arm sleeves as well
  • Phillip Lewellen
    Great product
    Have reduced recovery time to 2-3 days instead of 4-5. At age 55 recovery has become the biggest limiting factor for training. Looking forward to Booth at Ironman Florida this year to get more products. Like everyone I suspect, was hesitant at price at first. But have performed great and did exactly as advertised. Great product.
  • Doran Bosso
    couldnt imagine training hard without them
    I've had the juggler knickers for over a year and a half now and really couldnt imagine training hard without them. As a triathlete, I'm constantly beating up my legs with miles on the bike or running. After each of brick sessions, you can find me on the couch recovering with 110%. I used to swear by ice baths, but now there is no need. I can watch tv, surf the net, or run errands while still reducing muscle damage and soreness. This Christmas, the only thing on my list is the full length tights.
  • Bo Bishop
    if you are serious about recovery, you need 110% knickers
    My knickers are part of my everyday routine. After a long run /ride I wear the knickers for 20 minutes with ice then an hour without. I put them on again at night with ice for 20 minutes then wear them to bed. I wake up refreshed and ready for another workout. When I purchased the 110% knickers as a replacement for another brands compression tights I was worried about durability and functionality. After using this 110% product I can say these are the best compression tights on the market and paired with the ice sheets, this product is revolutionary. Regardless of your sport/activity, if you are serious about recovery, you need 110% knickers.
  • Bradley Egel
    You won't be disappointed
    The 110% knickers are awesome! I am a charity cyclist and I ride around 120 miles per week in training. After longer rides, I wear these for recovery and they truly target most of the main areas I had problems with prior to wearing them. Any product that allows me to recover faster and get back on the bike to raise money and awareness to fight cancer is tremendously useful to me. I cannot imagine any active person not benefiting from these! You won't be disappointed! Additionally, the staff at 110% is fantastic, so in addition to a great product you are also getting an amazingly knowledgeable team of helpful and caring individuals handling all the customer service. Awesome!
  • Allison Mann
    Have used Juggler Knickers for about a year and a half. Everything from recovery knickers with the ice sheets, to compression alone, to using in the gym and for indoor rock climbing. The Knickers have always been really comfortable, and a bit easier to get in and out of than full tights, with most of the benefits. I did get a 2nd pair about a year after the first as some of the stitching in the back side started to wear through. I used them often for recovery as well as short stints in the gym for core work and light weights.
  • Robin Sarner
    healing on ice
    I am a Mom with two small kids and limited time. While I am driving home from my intense martial arts training, I am healing on ice! Talk about multi-tasking! NO more long 'rolling out' sessions at home. I wake up feeling like I can take on my classmates who are half my age. Having these knickers has given this previous triathlete a new beginning on fitness. I have a lot of soft tissue injuries and even with those, I can push myself just a little more and not pay for it the next day. And to top it off, the customer service policy is outstanding. I recommend all of this gear for anyone who is committed to any level of training at any age!

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