Corrie Kristick

Corrie Kristick

Pro Triathlete, Texas
AKA Coco, CAK Attack

Favorite gear

Flat Out Sox

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Corrie Kristick

Why 110%?

Because it's the best compression and recovery gear around. Period.

Years in your sport?

Since 2012, so 3 years.

Hours a week you train?

I am also a full time teacher, so 15 hrs a week is what I average.

Favorite workout?

Brick workout with tempo run after the bike

Favorite workout song/album?

Journey, Boston.

Athletic accomplishment you are most proud of:

Winning the 2012 Duathlon Nationals for ages 25-29, just 7 weeks after fracturing my collar bone. During my swimming career, making Olympic Trials standards in the 400 IM.

Life accomplishment you are most proud of:

Having the opportunity to teach and work with some of the most beautiful and amazing kids everyday is definitely a huge privilege and honor.

If you could go pro in any other sport, what'd it be?

Ski Cross!!!!

Favorite way to spend a Sunday?

After a long workout, taking a nice nap, then going to get coffee and a pedicure.

What's in your fridge right now?

Way too much food to speak of; Fruits, veggies, eggs, meats, cheese, almond milk, peanut butter, wheat bread, hummus, ice cream. Those are always in the fridge.

Three things we'd find in your gym bag:

Sports gels and bars, 110% overdrive socks and visor, gloves because my hands are always cold.

Random fact about you:

I have a degree in Visual Arts (concentration in mixed media painting) from Rice University.

How do you play harder?

Other than racing as a newly turned Pro Triathlete, I get to teach Art and Science everyday to the best 400 Kindergarten students anyone could ask for!