Guy Crawford

Guy Crawford

Pro Triathlete, New Zealand
AKA Beaker or Captain Awesome

Favorite gear

Double-Life Shin/Calf Sleeves

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Guy Crawford

Why 110%?

Not only are the products amazing, but so are the people.

Years in your sport?


Hours a week you train?

25 hours or maybe I train 60

Favorite workout?

Short rest hard swim set. ( carbo loading at night with a beer)

Favorite workout song/album?

I rock out to loads of music. Depends on the mood: Radiohead, Queens of the stone age, tool (old school) Florence and the machine, The national, Interpol, editors, lady hawk and about a billion others. Love my music.

Athletic accomplishment you are most proud of:

I can't put it down to one race. But it's when Ive gone for it and risked it all.. 70.3 Busselton and Albany half ( hasn't gotten me first across the line yet, but it hopefully will)

Life accomplishment you are most proud of:

Making my mum Proud. Sticking to a plan and not giving up.

If you could go pro in any other sport, what'd it be?

Mountain Biker.

Favorite way to spend a Sunday:

Mincing you know that term? It's what my friends and I in NZ call doing sweet bugger all.

What's in your fridge right now?

Beer, milk, salad, beet root, a bunch of sauces. Hummus, choc milk, some rice I should throw out but just keep moving from one place to another. How old is that rice? "Kate how old is this Rice"?

Three things we'd find in your gym bag:

a damp towel, a wet pair of swimmers and some busted up goggles with mold in the corners. Seriously it's sitting in the back of the car right now.

Random fact about you:

I'm adopted, I have a black and white Cat named Ozzy, I hate being dirty so I shower 4+times a day. Weird I know.

How do you play harder?

Train hard, and recover harder. I take both my training and recovery very seriously. The only way I can train and race at my potential is if I properly recover between sessions and races.

"Whatever, I do what I want"